TUs Look for Reactions From the President

A gathering of 100 exchange union pioneers drove by the leader of the National Trade Union Center (NTUC), K.D. Lalkantha has looked for a meeting with President Maithripala Sirisena.

The meeting has been asked for by the exchange union pioneers for the 29th of this current month to examine long standing issues identified with the working masses in the nation.

Lalkantha said that as the nation plans to observe International Labor Day, it is imperative for the legislature headed by President Sirisena to give answers for a few key issues confronted by the working masses.

"We have asked for a meeting with the President to issue him five requests of the working masses and we look for a reaction from him on these issues on May 1st," the NTUC Leader said.

The five requests are: 1. Include all recompenses of open part laborers to the essential pay. 2. Making lawful procurements to concede the Rs. 2,500 compensation increment guaranteed in the 100 day project to the private division specialists. 3. Expand the every day pay of bequest area specialists to Rs. 800. 4. Award perpetual work to labor laborers in their individual establishments. 5. Address pay issues of beneficiaries.
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