Mervyn Silva Threatened In Public Near Court Premises!

An unknown man who came in a jeep threatened Public Relations Minister Merveyn Silva in public this morning near the Colombo Chief Magistrate Court premises.
This incident happened when the Minister was speaking to some reporters near the court premises. He was present at the court today as his son Malaka Silva's case was scheduled to be taken up before the Colombo Chief Magistrate.

The man who threatened the Minister got off from his jeep and walked towards the Minister as if he was trying to assault the politicians. When the Minister's supporters surrounded him, the man rushed back to his vehicle while threatening Minister Silva. "Hari emathithuma api balagammu"  (Okay Minister, you just wait!") he said while getting back to his vehicle.

The Minister however said that he was not aware of the identity of the man who threatened him. However, the Minister's supporters said he was a person affiliated with some members of the Kelaniya Pradeshiya Sabha who are at loggerheads with Minister Mervyn Silva.

When this incident happened, the Minister was talking to reporters saying he would not cross over to the opposition. He asserted that he would never leave the Sri Lanka Freedom Party.

It was widely speculated in the recent past that Minister Mervyn Silva was in talks with the opposition over a possible crossover.
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