Hirunika has Acrophobia

Western Provincial councilor Hirunika Premachandra has uncovered that she has Acrophobia (apprehension of statures).

The disclosure was a piece of her reaction to a photo and subtitle posted on Facebook, which supposedly represented a photo of Hirunika venturing down from a helicopter.

The photo was subtitled as 'How Western Provincial councilor Hirunika, who in the past showed up on TV promotions against the misuse of open supports on government officials' helicopter excursions, ventures to every part of the same way today.'

This is the thing that Hirunika needed to say accordingly.

" My dear companions, the greater part of you have this inquiry, if this is me in the photo. I need to say that i have never gone in a helicopter and have no motivation to go in a helicopter, and in particular i CANNOT go in a helicopter on the grounds that i've got Acrophobia! Haha. So my dear companions , kindly don't accept what these loosers are posting. They just know not mud at individuals yet end of the day they dont acknowledge when they point a finger at others four of them are pointed at them. Imbecilic loosers!"

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