DV Upul banned from leaving nation

The Colombo Chief Magistrate today issued a mandate denying Southern Provincial Councilor D.V. Upul from voyaging abroad, after a solicitation by the CID.

The court taught powers to appropriate the identification of the Southern Province Fisheries Minister, who is being explored over disputable remarks made by him with respect to the Financial Crime Investigation Division (FCID).

The Criminal Investigations Department (CID) today answered to the court in regards to the progressing examination.

The Colombo Chief Magistrate likewise trained the CID to acquire feature and sound tapes containing the announcement from media associations.

Upul, who bolsters previous president Mahinda Rajapaksa's political rebound, is blamed for purportedly requesting that individuals "stone to death" authorities of the extraordinary police unit.

In an open discourse as of late conveyed at Tissamaharama, he cautioned that authorities of the FCID must be stoned to death for completing examinations against individuals from the Rajapaksa administration.

"We will watch them being stoned to death when Mahinda Rajapaksa returned as Prime Minister," Upul had said.

Upul cautioned the FCID authorities that "they will be managed."

Sri Lanka Police reported that examinations would be completed seeing the announcement as it was a risk to the police unit and the officers serving in it.

Police representative Ruwan Gunasekera said: "His (Upul's) remarks were of an impelling nature. He can be charged under punitive code for affecting roughness against open authorities."

He will be addressed and an announcement will be recorded, Gunasekera said.

Upul had made the comments amid an open dissent against FCID for summoning previous first woman Shiranthi Rajapaksa over asserted defilement in a NGO she kept running amid her spouse's administration.
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