Will go to Courts Against JVP - Gota

Previous safeguard secretary Gotabhaya Rajapkasa says he will go to courts against the JVP over its grumbling stopped yesterday (06) with the gift commission against him and three others.

The JVP protestation asserts more than Rs. 130 million had been falsely credited to an individual record in Gotabhaya's name through three checks when actualizing tasks under the Deyata Kirula display in Ampara in 2013.

Addressing  Gotabhaya said the record being referred to fits in with the UDA, not to him.

He said the cash was credited for an advancement extend by the UDA executed on a proposition by Ampara MP Sarath Weerasekara.

He likewise said his attorneys have additionally been told to send letters of interest to the media associations that had conveyed the false assertion by the JVP which means to stain his picture.
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