General Decision Under new Framework - Rajitha

The SLFP has come to consent to present another discretionary framework under which 165 seats are selected under the first-past-the-post framework, 60 under the corresponding representation framework and 25 on the national rundown, says wellbeing priest Rajitha Senaratne.

At a late exchange with the races chief, a few recommendations in such manner were submitted, yet the main recommendation that can be executed without a re-outline of the electing divisions is the one settled upon by the SLFP, he said.

Senaratne has told BBC Sandeshaya that his gathering trusted the following general decision would happen under this framework.

This framework will build the quantity of parliamentary seats to 250.

The SLFP parliamentary gathering has chosen that the 19th amendment to shorten forces of the official president and the 20th amendment to present discretionary changes ought to be displayed and received all the while.

Senaratne, additionally the bureau representative, said the 20th amendment would soon be tabled in parliament, and surrendered that thus, the disintegration of parliament could get deferred.
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