Lankan drug kingpin captured in Pakistan

The man said to be the kingpin in Sri Lanka's opiate medication managing Mohammed Siddique has been captured, and conveyed to the island today.

He was taken in amid a joint operation by insight groups of the two nations.

Siddique is said to be a nearby companion of Wele Suda, an alternate street pharmacist additionally captured in Pakistan.

Both were captured together, yet Siddique was not ousted to Sri Lanka, as he is hitched to a Pakistani lady, Amina.

The sister of an infamous street pharmacist in that nation, Amina, and Siddique had initially inhabited Majid Road, Maradana.

Siddique has had close associations with the Muslim underworld and he had Olcott and Army Jaya as his nearby partners.

He was last captured in Sri Lanka more than a weapon ownership charge, and he had initially met Olcott while in jail.

With the help of Olcott, Siddique had gone to India, where he was detained, yet gotten away and returned to Sri Lanka.

Joining Olcott once more, Siddique went to Dubai alongside Pakistani street pharmacists neighborly with Olcott.

Examinations have uncovered that it was Siddique who had completely supplied heroin to Olcott.

Wele Suda and Siddique were behind the 85.5 kilos of heroin seized in Kelaniya days before Poson full moon poya a year ago.

The heroin had been found in a holder brought from Pakistan.

As indicated by Interpol, the 46 year old Siddique is familiar with Sinhala, Tamil, English and Urdu dialects.
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