New period of Good Governance Gives Extraordinary Noteworthiness to Independence Day

The festival of this 67th celebration of our Independence is of extraordinary noteworthiness as it sees the dispatch of another time of Good Governance in the nation, Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena said in a message to stamp the nation's Independence Day.

This accompanies another duty to the solidarity of our kin, to protect flexibility and fair rights, and continue to a future that moves further from the re-rising strengths of pioneerism.

The reinforcing and advancement of peace in our nation obliges social, political and financial approaches that give the most noteworthy need to the needs of the individuals. This incorporates social welfare, monetary advancement, and a decided move towards great administration, which is in keeping with the conventions of resilience and understanding of our nation.

The proceeding with quality of our opportunity that was won 67 years back, obliges the development of our childhood through the securing and advancement of new aptitudes, access to new information and innovation, and re-encouraging the soul of flexibility all through our territory.

This festival of flexibility is the time to pay our tribute to the security compels that safeguarded our power and regional respectability with incredible relinquish in the fight against terrorism. It additionally helps us to remember the incredible flexibility warriors of the past from all groups, religions, and belief systems who carried on the battle for opportunity from provincial tenet.

This is likewise the time to recollect the soul of solidarity that has won in our territory as the centuries progressed, and drives us to endeavor to accomplish national solidarity in all its viewpoints, with compromise that delivers Metta or Loving Kindness to all.

We stay focused on our arrangement of Non-Alignment in remote relations, anticipating more noteworthy companionship with the world group, and universal relations that will help our moves for peace, steadiness, majority rule government and flourishing.

The advancement of our country in solidarity and comprehension calls for patriotism that not just rises above the obstructions of geology and group, additionally concentrates on the end of debasement in all its structures, and sways honest to goodness administration to the individuals by their pioneers.

As we get up and go in opportunity, let us guarantee the fortifying of peace and amicability to bring each accomplishment to our youngsters and future era who will acquire this area. Given us a chance to join in a promise to assemble a fate of peace, opportunity and flourishing in the sparkling light of trustworthiness of reason and Good Governance.
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