I Excessively have Distorted Reports – Sannasgala

Famous creator and mentor Upul Shantha Sannasgala says that the capture of Shashi Weerawansa was not because of an issue with her, however an issue in regards to her mate ex-Minister "Wimal Weerawansa's spine." 

He was alluding to the late capture of Shashi Weerawansa on charges of submitting produced reports to acquire a discretionary visa. 

Mr Sannasgala expressed that as a Leftist pioneer Wimal Weerawansa ought to have the spine to say openly that he married a lady 10 years senior to him, it is his privilege and that no one can scrutinize his choice. 
Conveying an open address at the Sri Lanka Foundation in Colombo on Tuesday, the mainstream writer expressed that British-American on-screen character Elizabeth Taylor at 70 years old got married with a 25 year old and noticed that, then again, she didn't transform her introduction to the world testament to peruse she was a 18 year old young lady. 

He expressed that while the allegations against Mrs Weerawansa of get ready fashioned archives is indeed a wrongdoing, it is however mostly a mix-up in the social framework. 

Mr Sannasgala said that as indicated by passage 3(1) in the round relating to the confirmation of understudies to Royal College in Colombo, just understudies living inside the 100m range of the school can be enlisted and that just Ranil Wickramasinghe's habitation is in that region. 

He expressed various individuals misrepresent reports to select kids to that school and that if captures are to be made in view of that charge, 99 every penny of the folks of Royal College understudies must be captured. 

Mr Sannasgala uncovered that he excessively arranged false documentation utilizing a location on Bullers Road so as to enlist his two children into Royal College, notwithstanding, conceded that the endeavor was purposeless as his children did not get affirmatio
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