Lankan imprisoned for attacking young lady in Dubai

A Sri Lankan man was sentenced to six months in prison and extradition for attacking a 11-year-old young lady in a garments shop.

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced A a, 31 with a rape charge on Sunday.

Prosecutors told the court that on October 7 last year, Indian S M was with her guardians at a garments shop in Al Qusais when the litigant embraced her from behind.

The young lady said the litigant adhered his body to hers and held her around the waist.

"He began moving his body as he held me. He did it two times before I could escape," she said.

S m fled and advised her guardians. "I asked her what he had done and she affirmed he had ambushed her so we called police," said the young lady's dad, 39, a specialist.

The litigant was captured instantly a while later.

Cam footage from the shop demonstrated the litigant attacking
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