172 vehicles of presidential secretariat missing

The Police are yet to focus the destiny and whereabouts of approximately 172 vehicles of the 752 armada of the presidential secretariat, SSP Ajith Rohana said yesterday (19).

The new Presidential Secretary had educated the Police Chief to dispatch examinations to discover the quantity of vehicles of the secretariat and to discover if the vehicles had been abused.

"The secretariat had gotten 379 vehicles by Sunday however 172 more vehicles have not been returned yet. Jeeps, taxicabs and autos were among the armada of the Secretariat and some of these had been utilized by unique counsels, the ministry and different people furthermore by state establishments," SSP Rohana said.

Noting that utilizing a state vehicle without authorization and appreciating connected benefits, for example, fuel recompenses was a culpable offense under the law, the SSP further said an uncommon CID group was examining the destiny of the vehicles to figure out whether they have been abused.
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