'This Is A Contest Between Men And Frogs: I Won't Cross' - Vidura

Kaluthara District UPFA Parliamentarian Vidura Wickramanayaka has stated that the 2015 Presidential Election will be written in history as a contest between men and frogs. He made this comment taking part in the Newsline segment in News First yesterday.

However, he did not elaborate on who the men and frogs are.

He refuted the crossover claims on him and his father, the former Prime Minister Rathnasiri
Wickramanayaka, saying that despite some grievances, he was not disillusioned with the party. However, the system of governance has to be changed, he opined.

When asked if not being given a Cabinet Minister post, he said that he was still junior to politics and to parliament and there were other deserving people. Also, since he had been arguing that the Cabinet was too large, becoming a part of that large entity will not be correct, he added.

He also mentioned that he was not remaining in the government for being afraid of any “files” that might be with the president, adding that the Wickremanayakas have taken brave political decisions with no fear of such “files” before.

However, Wickramanayaka also stated that politics cannot be done simply because one’s father was the Prime Minister of the country. Respect should be earned, he added. Being the SLFP Organizer of Horana Electorate was in itself a huge responsibility since it was the seat of a former Prime Minister. The burden is ever more, Wickramenayaka said.
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