Maithripala Says Development Projects Alone Cannot Build Communal Harmony

The regular hopeful of the restriction Maithripala Sirisena said that advancement activities won't suffice to assemble the public congruity, particularly between the Sinhalese and Tamil groups.

Talking at a rally in Mannar, he said individuals' lives ought to enhance for their lives to be substance. When they carry on with a substance life the individuals can meet up, Sirisena contended. The administration ought to have a thought of the destitution of the individuals. Then again, Sirisena expressed that the administration was utilizing open cash for their own great for the sake of improvement and was not understanding the level of neediness the customary individuals are in.

Sirisena included that his administration be specifically included in guaranteeing a decent market for the agriculturists' produce and the days when they needed to pay 'buy-off cash' to agents will be over. He likewise expressed that his administration will launch annuity plans for both agriculturists and anglers.
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