Heathcare by contravening Election Law

Under the appearance of a national wellbeing task called "Gami Diviyata Suwasethak" President Mahinda Rajapaksa is doing a race fight altogether infringement of the decision Law, the Campaign for Free and Fair Election (Caffe) has charged.

Caffe said the venture is advanced as villagers given a wellbeing pamphlet and books with President Mahinda Rajapaksa's decision trademark called "Suba Anagathayak".

They are not just given to individuals in need of social insurance additionally everybody who goes hand in hand with the "patients".

To back the entire vote-alluring undertaking, chief of "Friendliness Services" in the Health Ministry Dr. Priyantha Atapattu has enrolled the administrations of all specialists and therapeutic staff of healing centers in the country and area clinics.

In the mean time the UNP's Election Monitoring Unit has composed a dissent letter to the Election's Commissioner that the Director General of Health Services has through a request sorted out one such "wellbeing camp" in Moratuwa today (December 29) which is an immediate infringement of the Election Law.

The challenge letter has expressed that in the ballpark of 24 specialists from the Panadura and Kalubowila healing centers have been persuasively enrolled to complete the undertaking under the alleged "Tharunyata Hetak" program.
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