An alternate Mahinda decision venture washed away

An alternate move of the Rajapaksa faction to win the presidential decision by snare or by hooligan has fizzled. The mediation ultimately by the Commissioner of Elections totally broke down an endeavor to post 200,000 letters to Army staff.

After the media uncovered the move the Commissioner of Elections requested the Post Master General to stop the dissemination of pertinent letters.

The Post Master General had affirmed the endeavor to disseminate the said letters and the media representative of the Army had attempted to defend the endeavor to circulate letters.
At a media preparation the representative for the Army had said having the photo of the preeminent administrator would not make the letter a task of the decision battle.

At the point when there is an inclination for larger part of Army staff and the families to vote against Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa the letters were to be sent as an endeavor to pressurize Army work force. The media likewise had uncovered prior that an activity, launched by the Army Commander, was generally directed to pressurize Army work force and their families with an arrangement of addresses that included feature scenes.
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