Wasantha Senanayake Crosses Over To The UNP

UPFA Gampaha District Parliamentarian Wasantha Senanayake joined the UNA a short while ago.

Speaking a short while ago at Sirikotha, Senanayake said that he considers transparency to be vital and the present constitution was behind many of the ills the country was facing. He said that the executive presidency should not be abolished but reformed.

He has been in the forefront criticizing the government on several accounts. Several weeks back he proposed a Constitutional Amendment as a Private Members’ Bill which was not permitted to be tabled in the parliament.

Senanayake contested the election in 2010 from the UPFA ticket. However, in recent months he has criticized the government a number of times. A few days ago, he made a statement to the media demanding the resignation of Prof. G.L. Peiris as the Minister of External Affairs.

Rumors about his apparent crossover were rife for weeks. There were several other names also going around. Yesterday, Uva Province Opposition Leader Harin Fernando had said that there was a group of UPFA members ready to join the UNP after the presidential election is called. Senanayake refused to comment on other possible crossovers that may happen. However, he said that a large number of MPs were thinking of crossing over.
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