Health Ministry takes up beautification

The Health Ministry has commenced discussions with the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute (SLFI) to commence a special diploma on Cosmetology for beauty salon and spa operators in the country.  The course will be a “must for all” salon and spa operators as the Ministry much concern about the health and well being of the citizens.

dditional Secretary to the Health Ministry and Director, Cosmetic Devices and the Drugs Regulatory Authority (CDDA), Dr. Amal Harsha de Silva told The Nation that the move would help improve the standards of salons and spas in the country.  The courses are to be offered for a nominal charge as the Ministry seeks to ensure that salon and spa operators are suitably qualified. 

“We are in the process of discussing the matter with the SLFI. A decision on this regard will be reached in the near future,” he said. He however added thaAt the diploma course would not be applicable for those involved in cosmetic surgery.  “That (cosmetic surgery) is completely different from cosmetology,” he said. 

“What we hope to do is educate the beauticians on the proper use of cosmetics and equipment so that clients do not risk side effects owing to unsuitable treatment,” he said.

Meanwhile the Health Ministry will continue with its educational programs for beauticians and spa operators island-wide. “Educating is better than implementing restrictions. Therefore, we decided to conduct awareness programs which would encourage beauticians to do their job effectively and professionally,” he added. 
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