Carpet came off in my road like clothing- Minister Welgama

"Carpeted roads are being built all over the country. If the standards of the roads are to be measured a flood must occur. The carpeting of the road running near my house came off like clothing coming off of people “,said the Minister of Transport, Kumara Welgama. The Minister made these comments addressing a meeting gathered to review the progress in providing relief for flood victims in Kalutara district. The meeting was held at Kalutara Divisional Secretariat Auditorium. “When the carpeting of the roads is dislodged like this today, the government is blamed first. Then us. These are substandard work of contractors. The Road Development Authority should be observant if the construction is standard or not. When things go wrong don't save yourself by putting the blame on contractors. 121 houses have been completely destroyed.378 are damaged. The government provides only Rs.100, 000 for a destroyed house. Can a house be built with Rs.100, 000? In addition, the victims of 2013 flood still do not possess houses.These processes have to be accelerated.                                                                                                                                       All 8 parliamentarians in Kaultara district are well off individuals. There are the best donors. I suggest them to allocated Rs.8 million from the money they receive for a year to construct these 121 destroyed houses. Rs.500, 000 can be allocated to build one house. However Divisional Secretary should quickly provide land" the Minister added. -srilankamirror
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